Jun 232012

This is another Hindi Christian Message recorded by me titled “Shishyatva Ke Liye Bulahat”  or “Call for Discipleship”.
The message is based on the Scripture Matthew 28:19-20 where Jesus gives the Great Commission to his disciples. Although most of us might be very familiar with the Great Commission, the portion that we miss out on is [...]

Dec 242011

This Hindi Christian Message – Prabhu Ki Yojnao Ko Pehchane (Recognize the plan of God) was delivered on 12th June 2011 at Grace Fellowship Assembly of God church, Ahmedabad.
(Recorded Live @ GFAG, Ahmedabad http://gracejunction.com)
The GFAG team is very close to my heart and God has allowed us opportunities to work together to accomplish His glorious [...]

Nov 212011

This is another Hindi Christian Message which I’ve recorded and added some slides for the video. I have titled it “Antim Yatra Ko Roknewala Masiha” – (The Messiah Who Stops The Funeral Procession).
This message is based on Luke 7:11-17 where Jesus was entering a town called Nain and at the gate of the town, He [...]

Aug 232011

A Christian message in Hindi language focusing the role and real meaning of repentance in increasing spiritual power. This is the first of many steps to be taken according to the Bible.

Download this video here (73.1 MB; running time 16min:54sec)
(This link will open in a new tab. To download, right click the video player and use [...]